Five Signs Your Dog Needs a New Collar


dirty dog

Photo Credit: American Kennel Club
Plain and simple. Your dog’s collar smells as bad as the poop you’re forced to pick up on your daily walks and it’s time you admit it to yourself. You’ve tried washing it, febreezing (you didn’t know it was a verb, did you?), and scrubbing it with Lysol but nevertheless, the stench persists. Let it be known that you are not alone. Dogs are gross!


dog magician

If your dog’s collar is constantly falling off, it’s more than likely for one or two reasons. Either your dog needs to audition to be the next Houdini or their collar is broken. Either way, your dog needs a new collar. Remember, your dog’s collar should fit snug around their necks. You should be able to place your fingers behind it comfortably, not your whole hand.


mom and puppy

Guess what! Your puppy did not stay small forever. I know, I know. You were really hoping you’d bring home the puppy that never grew up, but alas, you 6lb dog is now 60lbs and the collar you brought him home in can now fit as a bracelet around his ankle (try it!). It’s time to upgrade Fido’s collar! Need help sizing your dog? Visit here.


dog romance

You are doing a disservice to your dog by putting them in ugly collars. How in the world is Fido supposed to find a girlfriend looking like a hot mess? Better yet, how are you going to find a girlfriend/boyfriend? Don’t worry, we can help. Click here and while you’re at it, pick Fido up a bow tie for the fancy date he’s going to score! Maybe you can share?


dog with rose

Take a look at your dog. If he is still wearing a Christmas collar than he needs a new collar as of yesterday. We hate to break it to you, but the fancy red and green combo is only in for exactly one month and your time is up. It’s time to move on to something seasonally appropriate. Perhaps something red with hearts for Valentine’s Day or maybe you’re preparing for St. Patrick’s Day with a green collar? Find one here.
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